Women's High Performance Training Gloves - Black with Hook & Loop Closure



Product Details

This performance trainer is crafted to meet the needs of a female fighter.  A well-fitting glove that reduces unwanted floating and shifting is important for safety and performance whether hitting the heavy bag, doing mitt work or sparring.   We’ve constructed this glove with triple-density foam padding shaped for proper fist formation and stronger punches, a narrower fist pocket designed to be worn with wraps, and a slimmer wrist with a hook and loop closure for a secure fit and optimal support.  These gloves are constructed with high-quality leather that quickly breaks in for a fit that feels molded to your hand.  The perforated palm allows for ventilation.  Available in traditional boxing weights.

G&S has been designing equipment for women for decades.  Our founder, Izzy Zerling, managed and trained the woman who became the first professional female boxer in history.  When you wear G&S you are punching with the weight of history.

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